Saturday, April 23, 2011

Random Acts...

You know those Youtube videos that were circulating earlier this year, those "random acts of culture"? Like this. Pretty neat, right?

Well, on Friday, I got to be part of something so much more awesome. Jonathan had taken a sick day on Friday (he slept for FIFTEEN hours straight on Thursday night/Friday morning...I think the man was worn out!). When he and the children laid down for a nap mid afternoon, I left to run some errands. I took a meal to a couple in our church, decorated the fellowship hall at church for our Easter Breakfast, and made an exchange at Kohl's. My final stop was our local Meijer grocery store at about 8:00pm. I hurried in to grab the 3 things I needed, and on my way out I was softly (I thought) whistling "Blessed Assurance" to myself. I was just getting ready to start the chorus, when an older gentleman in the row over from me started SINGING the chorous. In a full, rich, baritone voice.  So I started singing as well. Halfway through a lady and her daughter joined us, and an older couple.
Now THAT is what I call awesome!! There in the Meijer parking lot, we had our own little worship service. When we'd finished the chorous, there was "God Bless You!" and "Happy Easter!" called across the parking lot, and we all went our ways. That worship of our Lord Jesus lasted just a minute, but all the way home I thanked God for His body, and how we can fellowship in the most unlikely places.

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