Monday, October 3, 2011

Birthday Girl

Heidi turned one a couple weeks ago. I feel the need to post lots of pictures of my sweet, adorable, girlie. I can't believe it has been a year since she was this tiny.
I don't know if I have enjoyed her babyhood more than the boys' because she's a girl, or because I'm not quite so focused on just *surviving* like I was during the boys' baby year(s). Jonathan said it's probably a combination of both things...along with me just settling into the Mommy role.

There are days when I just sit on the couch and watch her play. And soon I'm right down there with her, helping her discover her world. Reading board books, playing with her wooden puzzle, snuggling her dolly...

We had her birthday party a few days before her birthday. Since we also hosted a group of 50 college students for overnight/breakfast several hours before the party, I didn't make a cake. Instead, my parents brought doughnuts from a wonderful bakery down by them. I got some cider from the local orchard, and it was a perfect fall dessert! We also took a hayride, since we had the hay wagons from the party the day before. I think it should become tradition. So fun, even if it WAS a little too windy!

On her actual birthday, we kept it low-key with just the 5 of us. I didn't want a whole cake sitting around tempting me for days, so I made a small amount of chocolate and tapioca puddings instead. It was simple and fun. :)
Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl.

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