Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Brotherly Love...

...looks like this:
 It was going to be Heidi's first time staying with a babysitter. So a couple days before that lovely evening that Jonathan and I had OUT, we tried a bottle to make sure she'd take one, since I wouldn't be here to nurse her. Totally didn't care that it was a bottle (which I've taken advantage of a few times since then!). And Samuel really wanted to hold the bottle for her. He was so attentive, and smiled a "I'm important and helpful" smile for like 30 minutes after she was finished/he got down from the couch.

And this:
The little black Neon, my first car that God kept running until we could afford to not use it, is now sitting in the driveway waiting to go to the junkyard. The boys use it for a jungle gym. I heard them calling to me the other day and looked out of the kitchen window to find this.

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