Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Snapshots and Memories

This morning the boys were asking to see pictures from when THEY were little - like Baby Heidi. Unfortunately they have a procrastinator for a mother. I have never put together a photo album from their baby days. Those cute and wonderful little "Baby Books" that good mothers keep for their children? None of my kids have those. I have a folder in the file cabinet for each of them. Kenneth's and Heidi's have their name on theirs. Samuel's just says "Baby #2". My life was a little hectic in 2007, what with having a 6 month old when I got pregnant again, so the file I started before he had a name just never got named.

Today, however, I am going to begin a remedy to the "I don't have time to show you right now" comment i always give them. Today I am going to upload pictures to Snapfish and order some prints. I have a coupon to get 100 prints shipped here for $5. (CUPIDPICS, for those who want to order prints!)
Maybe once I have some pictures in hand, I'll go find one of those cute baby books for each child and attempt to catch up just a little bit.

I've always envisioned myself as having all these wonderful traditions my kids will look back on with fond memories.  The sweetly penned letters I write while they are babies that I'll tuck into their special baby books that will be a window into the mind of their mother. When I heard their hear beating for the first time, their first cry, etc, etc.
Those things I thought I'd have time for - or MAKE time for just haven't happened.

I hope my children will remember the special times anyway. The times we ran through the puddles and got our shoes wet ON PURPOSE. The time Mommy chased them around the house laughing and screaming just as loud as they usually aren't allowed to in the house.  The time we spilled flour all over the floor and we all stood looking at each other waiting to see how the other was going to respond. The time we tried to eat breakfast making fish faces....

I  guess that will be one reason for this blog - a place to record the little things that make our family so special. :)

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