Thursday, February 17, 2011

Frank & Leo...& a whole lot of love

Meet Frank. And Leo.

Frank and Leo came to live with us on Valentine's Day. They were the "I love you" present we gave to the boys, who chose the names for their little fish. I can understand Kenneth choosing "Frank", since he'd just watched CARS. But I'm still not sure where Sam's choice of "Leo" came from!

The highlight of every morning since Monday has been to sprinkle the fish flakes onto the water and watch them swim around frantically, nomming each piece. The boys giggling together and saying, "he got another one!" are fun to listen to.

This morning Samuel came into the kitchen while I was wiping up a few crumbs off the floor that managed to jump off the counter during breakfast and gave me a big hug. I asked him if he was ok. "I just love you, Mommy," he said. He turned to go back to playing and then looked at me again and said, "And I like our fishes."

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  1. Well, hello, cuteness. And I like your fish, too.